Did not receive BR1M money ?


Currently there are around 1.4 million of BR1M recipients who has not received their payment yet. One of the main reasons for the delay to payment is when BR1M application information is updated after 31st of December 2014. There are also a lot of applicants who updated the wrong bank account number on their BR1M application form. Therefore the Ministry of finance is not able to credit the payment into the recipients bank account directly. Here are some information to check whether you can claim the money from BSN branches.

Approved applicants will receive letters stating the status of their application. There are 2 types of letters that will be sent to BR1M recipients

1 . If you received a slip stating application is approved and the money has been credited

The next BR1M payout will start on 10th March 2015. It should take a few days for all the payment to be cleared

2. If you received a slip stating you application is approved,  bank account number was wrongly keyed in

Deputy Finance Minister Chua Tee Yong has clarified that BR1M applicants who have not received their payout can claim the money from any BSN branches. However, This is only applicable for approved BR1M recipients with a letter stating that their bank account number was mistakenly keyed.

Approved BR1M applicants will have to bring their Identity Card (IC) and the letter to claim the money. Please do not send the letter to Ministry of Finance and the letter should be given to BSN directly. Chua also has urged those who has wrongly keyed their bank information to update it as soon as possible to avoid confusion in the future.

How do I check status of my BR1M application ?

Use this link to check whether your BR1M application

If I failed my application, can I appeal ?

Yes you can appeal at the link here . Do take not that appeal can only be done manually with form submission to LHDN offices. The appeal process starts from 1st March to 31st March 2015.

If I’m eligible but failed to apply for BR1M before 31st December, can I still apply ?

Yes you can apply by referring to the appeal at the link here . The appeal process starts from 1st March to 31st March 2015.