BR1M appeal Form , Borang Rayuan


BR1M appeal is now available for those who was rejected for BR1M aid programme. This year there are 973,067 applicants who were rejected for BR1M aid program.

The most common BR1M failures are listed here

Appeal form

The appeal however is not available online and must be made offline only. The form must be filled manually and submitted to the nearest LDHN (Inland Revenue Board Office).

BR1M appeal form can be downloaded here

Borang Rayuan BR1M

There are currently 85 offices around the country.The appeal date is set from 1st of March 2015 to 31st March 2015. Those who failed BR1M application will have to apply before 31st March 2015. So please appeal earlier before the expiry dates.

Have not received your BR1M payout ?

Currently there are around 7.2 million BR1M applications that was approved. There are 1.4 million approved BR1M applicants who have not received their BR1M aid. The payout would be disbursed starting next Tuesday. Among the reasons for late BR1M payout is where applicants did not update their information by 31 December last year. Manual BR1M applicants may also have delays on their BR1M payment.

BR1M phase one payment is done in various dates. On January 15th , 5 million applicants will receive the aid following by 880,000 applicants on 25 February and 1.4 million applicants from 10th March to 13th of March.