SR1M (Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia)


(SR1M) Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia

Are you going crazy over the new smartphones in town? Are you also spending way too much on your phone bills these days as well? This might not concern some people so much because nowadays, you can in fact stay frugal and avoid your phone bills from going sky high and leaving you dry.

While that might be easy to do, the hard part actually comes to making a decision as to whether you should stick to a prepaid plan or go with a post plan instead. You might already know that with a post paid plan, you can actually go on using your phone’s features as much as possible leave it be whether you are sending SMS’es to everyone or making long hour calls to your family and friends without ever running out on your phone’s credit.

On another note, if you are someone who is in control of your spending habits, you might probably be using a prepaid plan instead as it gives you control over how much you intend to use for the expenses of your phone. A prepaid plan also gives you more versatility of its concept because you get to spend within the amount you want and if that isn’t enough, you get to top it up and carry on using it until it is time to re-load again.

Speaking of saving up on your phone bill and spending within your budget, Malaysia has just introduced one of its latest product under its 1Malaysia programme which is called the SIM Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia (SR1M). One of the main reason for Malaysia to come out with a SIM card like this is due to the high living standards in this country.

The cost of living affects the citizens here in more ways than one and by having a SIM Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia (SR1M), people will now be able to enjoy affordable rates when surfing the internet, making calls  to family and friends and also when it comes to SMS-ing the ones around them. The low rates aren’t the only benefits which the customers of the SIM Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia (SR1M) will get to enjoy but also excellent service and quality which is said to be comparable to some of the larger telco players in this country. The best part of all, users will not be tied to any contract or any promises whereby they will need to fork out more money at the end of the day.


What is the (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia all about?

The (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia starter pack comes with a price as low as only RM 5.90 per-pack which makes it affordable for anyone to buy regardless of what their minimum wages are. Needless to say, anyone can now enjoy these low cost rates offered by SR1M. Let us start by looking at the call rates which are offered.

The Call Rates

The call rates for the The (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia are fixed at MYR 0.08 cents per block. Each block is counted within a range of 30 seconds meaning that you will only pay MYR 0.16 cents a minute when you talk on the phone. This rate is fixed and it applies to all telco networks in Malaysia which you make calls to. You can also make calls you any region within Malaysia and you will still get the same standard fixed rates applied.

The SMS Rates

As for the SMS rates for The (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia, the rates for each SMS are fixed at MYR 0.08 cents. The same terms and conditions apply for the SMS rates as well whereby the rate is fixed regardless of which telco networks you send your SMS’es too.

The Internet Rate

You will definitely be amazed at the Pay-As-You-Use data plan where you only need to pay for what you use.  By using the (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia, you will only be charged MYR 0.05 cents for every 1MB which is used. This is a sure way to save money as you will not waste your money for paying for data which will not be used at the end of the day. For those of you people who are heavy internet users, you also have an option of upgrading your to a 1GB monthly data for only MYR 17.00.

The Future Of (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia

It has also been said that the (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia coverage is extensive now and it will also be upgraded as time passes by to ensure that all the users get to enjoy quality telecommunications services in this country. Although there is a slight interference now in Sabah but all that will be improved in time to come. Most of you will be happy to know that the (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia will have extended services soon which provide not just these basic prepaid services but post-paid ones too. A lot of planning is also being done right now to to encourage the use of communications technologies, especially those staying in non urban areas of the country. As you might have already realized, the main target market of the (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia are low and middle-income earners, as well as school leavers. (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia has also established a network of Bumiputera-owned shops in the telecommunications sector in line with the government’s Bumiputera economic empowerment policy. Everyone isn’t aware that while this whole thing might sound like a government planned project because of its name, the SR1M program is in fact a private project with no federal funding or financial incentives whatsoever. Optic Tech Sdn Bhd is the company which is selling the SIM cards and they are in partnership with U-Mobile Sdn Bhd as its mobile network provider.

Large telco companies in Malaysia might get worries but the truth is, SR1M has been introduced not to compete with other telco network providers but instead it serves as a crucial service to provide an affordable alternative for those who need a mobile phone as a primary communications tool. It is primarily aimed at the lower income group as well as students. It won’t be long until (SR1M) Sim Card Rakyat Malaysia attracts users who want easy starter packages like these without being ties down to phone bills or even other hidden charges.