BR1M Voucher multiple claims


According to the latest AG report, the are around 6000 recipients who have cashed out BR1M money using voucher more than once from 2012 to 2014. The double cashing has most the Malaysian Government more than RM 3 million extra payment since 2012. There are around 2,200 recipients who have claimed BR1M money more than one time while the figure grew to near 2,500 in 2013.  In 2012, 41 recipients have claimed the cash as much as 3 times while in 2013, 11 recipients have claim the cash more than 4 times.  Many of these recipients have failed to return the extra cash back to the ministry.

The highest number of repeated cash out occurs in Bank Simpanan Nasional, followed by Maybank and CIMB. According to Auditor-General The double cash out happened when the Bank Officer did not verify the cash out in database when giving out aids to BR1M recipients. The Bank Officers only have the list of approved recipients and stamp while no further verification is done. Some BR1M recipients took advantage of the situation and is able to cash out the BR1M money more than one time from different paying station. The issue is also blamed for lack of manpower during BR1M cash handout.

To increase safety, recipients are advised to open a bank account where cash can be credited directly into their accounts. Ministry of Finance has also introduced anti copy authorization letter instead of vouchers to prevent double cash out. The bank would be keeping the authorization letter when the BR1M money is cash out.

The Ministry of Finance would be issuing letters to the recipients who have cash out more than once to return the money. Recipients would face backlist and will be unable to receive future BR1M payments if they do not return the extra cash back to ministry.