First BR1M Payment to start on 15th January 2015

ahmad husni

BR1M payments has been brought forward on January. The BR1M first payment will start on 15th January instead of end of January next year. According to Second Finance Minister Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah the payment will be made earlier due to flood situation in Malaysia. Priorities will be given to areas that are hard hit by floods in Malaysia as the government is concerned with difficulties faced by flood victims. A special schooling aid of RM 100 per schooling child will also be provided to flood victims to ease their burden while 2015 school session has also been postponed by one week.

As for next year, BR1M payment shall be credited directly to recipients bank account thus applicants are encouraged to open bank account to be able to receive BR1M aid. The next of kin can also claim Takaful Insurance as for BR1M recipients who passed away last year. The next of kin will have until 31st March 2015 to make their claims.

The government will also allocate a 500 million fund for flood victims who had their homes and vehicles damaged by the flood.  National Security Council (MKN) will be directly managing and distributing the funds to the victims.